Survey Programming
Count on Toluna to expertly field your project

We know everything you do is on a deadline, unexpected changes are the rule rather than the exception and the demands on your time require a partner who can realize your programming objectives autonomously, accurately and on-time.

Toluna programs more than 2100 surveys a year, providing consultative programming, sample management and data processing via a streamlined, single point of contact support model.

Need more than data? We’ve got you covered! Whether you need a researcher to provide an extra set of eyes on a questionnaire and draft an executive summary, or a data scientist to design and perform advanced analytics, Toluna’s team can provide as much or as little support as necessary to get you across the finish line.

Finally, we provide specialized services, including SafeView(TM) media security, which ensures that images, concepts and video are secure and confidential, while accessible for survey respondents.
Quick, cost effective, high quality programming services that incorporate innovative approaches and expertise.
Extensive range of study designs, modules and custom solutions.
Respondent first platform, providing a comparable, optimal interview experience whenever, wherever and however respondents choose to engage with our surveys.
Scalable solutions that meet your service level needs, from fully supported to DIY or anywhere in between.

What you can expect from us:

A consultative kick off call confirming project requirements and timelines takes place within hours of receiving a final questionnaire.
Our team operates globally, 24x7x365.
Each survey is managed by a project manager familiar with your business and objectives.
Active, passive and contextual quality checks are built into every project we program.
We adopt a mobile-first approach to our surveys.
Respondent engagement questions are added and don’t add programming time, or cost to your project.
Surveys can be custom branded.

Project field process:

  • Do a thorough review/analysis of the questionnaire, review project specs on the work order and make a list of missing information.
  • Send the final questionnaire and materials (ie. images, audio files etc) to full team.
  • Validate all aspects of the project with the client, and outline communications going forward.
  • Confirmation of sampling plan and expected incidence rate
  • Frequency of status updates / check in periods
  • Provide link to TolunaAnalytics, and show client how to access real-time reporting
  • Confirm data delivery format and coding
  • Count on your project director to oversee the programming of your project, and testing prior to project field. 
  • Soft launch ensures the live project will perform as expected, prior to launching the full sample.
  • While in field, your project director will monitor your study’s progress.
  • Toluna will clean and validate data before project close.
  • Count on us to identify missing or out-of-scope data, perform respondent quality checks, and merge benchmarks into data or tabulations.
  • We'll also combine data from different sources, such as multiple waves, into a single, unified version.
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