Offer the financial products that will delight your customers, earn unwavering loyalty and win new banking and insurance business.

The ability to get real-time customer feedback means everything in the highly competitive financial services environment. From optimizing the experience for account application processes, to managing customer service issues, aligning in-branch and online channels or just getting the right promotion to the right client at the right time, Toluna delivers actionable insights you can rely upon to meet your business goals.

Here’s how we help financial services and insurance firms gain smarter insights:

  • In-moment & long term satisfaction

  • Client transactional satisfaction

  • Online application preferences

  • Call center operational satisfaction

  • Post engagement surveys

  • Insurance claim satisfaction

  • Competitive benchmarking

  • Product & services assessments

  • Client loyalty drivers

  • Service hours & locations

  • Mobile & online banking attitudes

  • Employee training feedback

  • Self-serve banking preference

  • Agent & broker development

  • Retail engagement measurement

  • Brand strength testing

Whether retail, brokerage or online financial services, Toluna’s solutions can provide you the data and insights to satisfy your current customers wants and needs as well as drive acquisition to expand and grow your client base.