Understand what your customers are consuming, which formats, what devices and why. Toluna works with media properties, buyers and more.

We help companies anywhere in the world make clearer business decisions by bringing brands and people together via the world’s largest social voting community of millions and streamlined research platform.

Toluna offers solutions that are ideal for the dynamic needs of the media industry. We’ve helped companies adopt agile research and better understand the needs of their consumers with as well as business partners - what content is being consumed on what channels and devices and why. The benefit of working with Toluna is that we offer direct access to specific consumers, and real-time research solutions.

Toluna’s specialist panel profiling enables us to quickly target the niche segments in real-time, provide actionable data and help you answer the questions that matter most to you including:

  • Disposable income metrics

  • Subscription pricing

  • Media channel preferences

  • Viewer Diaries

  • Purchased Format

  • Social network usage

  • Internet web usage

  • Radio listening habits

  • Mobile usage

  • Technology used in home

  • Magazine/newspaper reading

  • Cable/satellite provider

  • Trailer screening

  • Advertising sentiment

  • Cinema / movie attendance

  • Audience measurement

  • Competitive studies

  • Shelf set and shelf testing

If you are seeking to create better, more effective and more targeted campaigns, we have a full suite of insight solutions to help you execute successful business strategies.



“Toluna is our FAVORITE vendor to work with!”
The Walt Disney Company

“Toluna QuickSurveys is a very fast and cost-effective way to get feedback on artists and compilation releases from real consumers.”
sony small

“Great execution on a very difficult methodology.  Very responsive team.”
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"We rely on Toluna's Panel Portal to gather insight from our viewer committee."

"Toluna is a visonary in the digital insights space and we're delighted to be working with them."