Understand your customers expectations, their experiences, and purchasing preferences. Toluna works with global retailers to ensure success.

Toluna is expert at designing programs that measure achievement against goals set and we work with leading retailers globally to understand their customer-base, segment their target audience, and test promotions, pricing, and more.

Toluna offers solutions that are ideal for the dynamic needs of the traditional retail industry. We’ve helped companies adopt agile research and better understand their consumers, measure customer expectaion, test creative and pricing. The benefit of working with Toluna is that we offer direct access to specific consumers, and real-time research solutions.

Toluna’s specialist panel profiling enables us to quickly target the niche segments in real-time, provide actionable data and help you answer the questions that matter most to you including:

  • Disposable Income Metrics

  • In-store customer experience benchmarks

  • Store layout and cleanliness

  • Checkout speed

  • Staff courtesy and helpfulness

  • Store locations and hours

  • Shopping patterns over time

  • Competitive studies

  • Sale and promotion frequency

  • Merchandise variety and selection

  • Ability to provide brand names

  • Merchandise availability

  • Website shopping

  • Awareness, attitude and usage

  • Brand tracking & loyalty

  • Shelf set and shelf testing

Whether you need to better understand existing customers, brainstorm new product ideas, or test concepts before launch, we have a full suite of insight solutions ideal for you and your business.



"In our role as a trade association we track lots of ‘hard’ data on the online retail sector and source opinion from experts right across the industry to help us understand trends and developments. The missing bit from this is what the retail customer actually thinks – using Toluna’s service enables us to gather a snapshot view of this quickly and easily, breaking down respondents into demographic segments for additional levels of insight.
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“Toluna has been a critical partner to CVS/Caremark in helping us define and measure what we seek to deliver as an in-store customer experience.”              
CVS Health

"Toluna QuickSurveys is a very fast and cost-effective way to get feedback on artists and compilation releases from real consumers.”

"I love working with Toluna because they have the right team and expertise in place to make everything we do turn key"

"Products like PowerConcept and QuickSurveys are quick and effective tools that help us to be continually strategic, and I'm thankful for the the team at Toluna for the constant support."